Sure, it’s a scientific calculator

All the functions you would expect in a scientific calculator are here, with the full advantage of floating-point numbers that have a full 14 digits of precision and exponents up to about 1e308. Come on, you’re dying to know what 170! is. Not to mention wanting a technically accurate calculator that doesn’t tell you the natural log of 0 is negative infinity. (That’s the limit, not the value, as any true geek knows.)

It’s a logic calculator, too.

It also does logic calculations, with support for base 2, 8, 10 and 16, plus standard binary logic operations.

Want to know all the techie details?

You can download the PDF manual for free!

Six Calculators in One!


But it’s also four conversion calculators

Need to convert gallons to liters? Grains to ounces? This calculator will do it. There are four full sets of buttons for converting length, area, volume, temperature, mass and speed. Both metric and Imperial units are included, so you can also convert to and from metric units.

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