Patterns and Templates for Make: Rockets

Make: High Power Rockets
Make: Rockets
Down to Earth Rocket Science

This book from Maker Media covers all aspects of building and flying solid propellant model rockets through 40 N-s total impulse, water rockets, and air rockets. Build launchers and trackers and, if you like, explore the math and science behind rocket flight.

This page provides full-size printable templates for the various fins and other irregular parts in all of the projects in the book, as well as RockSim simulation files for the solid-propellent rockets that can be simulated well.

All of the templates are PDF files, which should load and print on practically any computer. The RockSim files have the file extension .rkt; these will load in either RockSim or Open Rocket. Open Rocket is the simulator described in the book, while RockSim was used to find the approximate altitudes listed for the various rockets.

These files may be freely downloaded and copied for non-commercial use.

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Chapter 3 - Juno: A Solid Propellant Rocket

    Three Fin Guide.pdf

    Four Fin Guide.pdf


    Juno Fin Template.pdf


Chapter 4 - Launch Pads

    Mono Launch Controller Decals.pdf

    Quad Launch Controller Decals.pdf

    Quad Launch Pad Decals.pdf

Chapter 6 - Compressed Air Rockets

    Air Rocket Templates.pdf

Chapter 8 - How High Did It Go?

    Single-axis Tracker Template.pdf

    Single-axis Tracker Protractor.pdf

    Theodolite Side Template 1.pdf

    Theodolite Side Template 2.pdf

    Theodolite Azimuth Protractor.pdf

    Theodolite Elevation Protractor.pdf

Chapter 9 - Payloads

    Juno Payload.rkt

    Ceres Fin Template.pdf

    Ceres A Fat Man.rkt

    Ceres A ICU.rkt

    Ceres A ICU2.rkt

    Ceres A Over Easy.rkt

    Ceres A Thin Man.rkt

    Ceres B Fat Man.rkt

    Ceres B ICU.rkt

    Ceres B ICU2.rkt

    Ceres B Over Easy.rkt

    Ceres C Thin Man.rkt

Chapter 11 - Water Rockets

    Water Rocket Fin Template.pdf

Chapter 15 - Minimum Diameter Rockets


    Hebe Fin Template.pdf

Chapter 16 - Mini Rockets



    Toutatis and Eros Fin Templates.pdf

Chapter 17 - Multistage Rockets


    Romulus Fin Templates.pdf

Chapter 18 - Cluster Rockets


    Cerberus Templates.pdf

    Six Fin Guide.pdf

    Transition Template.pdf

    Ceres C Fat Man.rkt

    Ceres C Thin Man.rkt

    Ceres C ICU.rkt

    Ceres C ICU2.rkt

    Ceres C Over Easy.rkt

Chapter 19 - Helicopter Recovery

    Nicomachus Fin Template.pdf

Chapter 20 - Rocket and Boost Gliders

    Icarus Fuselage Template.pdf

    Icarus Wing template.pdf

    Icarus Stabilizer template.pdf

    Icarus Rudder template.pdf

    Icarus Pylon Templates.pdf

Chapter 21 - Air Rocket Glider

    Daedalus Templates.pdf