The SensorTag App

The TI SensorTag includes a whopping six sensors that can be put together in a wide variety of ways. They include:

    • A three-axis accelerometer

    • A three-axis magnetometer

    • A three-axis gyroscope

    • A dual-mode thermometer

    • A humidity sensor

    • A barometer

This free app displays all of the sensor readings on your BLE equipped iPhone, iPod or iPad. A TI SensorTag (not included) is required for operation.

The app displays this data with a graphical interface that includes: 


    • Constantly updating interactive plots

    • Natural-looking thermometers

Controlling the Texas Instruments SensorTag with techBASIC


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Begin Building Your Own Bluetooth low energy Software

This app was written on an iPad using techBASIC, the technical computing language for iOS. It was then compiled on a Macintosh using techBASIC App Builder and submitted to the App Store.

Writing software to access and display sensor data for any Bluetooth low energy device is easy with techBASIC! You can run the completed apps on your iPad or iPhone, or use techBASIC App Builder to distribute them to devices that don’t have techBASIC. Here’s how:

  1. BLE Basics:  Check out the TI SensorTag Blog or TI Key Fob Blog to learn the basics for writing software for any BLE device.

  1. BLE Specifics:  The six blogs detailing each of the features of the TI SensorTag will give you detailed info on accessing each sensor. Start with the TI SensorTag Blog and follow the links at the bottom.

  1. Source Code:  Downloads of the complete source code for the SensorTag app are available on the TI SensorTag Blog so you can get up and going right away.

  1. User Interface:  Check out this blog to learn more about setting up your own user interface in techBASIC.

  1. Custom Plots:  See the Graphing Calculator Blog if you’d like to learn how to customize your own plots.

  1. Questions:  Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions or issues.

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