What’s in the Sky?

For everyone who has ever looked at the night sky and wondered what they were seeing, you can now get the answer. Just point your iPhone at the sky. It will show you exactly what you are looking at if you peek around the iPhone itself. Now, tap on the object on the iPhone, and Sky Spy will tell you the name of the object, what it is, what constellation it is in, its precise location, and even how bright it is.

No Compass?

No problem. iPhones before the iPhone 3GS can’t tell which way you are looking, of course, but you can manually set the direction and Sky Spy will still respond to tilt as you look up and down.

Customize Your Sky

There are plenty of options in Sky Spy that let you see the sky just the way you want it. Turn constellations on or off, see the celestial grid, or track your elevation and compass heading–or disable everything to see just what’s in the sky. A few simple taps in the Options view is all it takes to see the heavens any way you want.

The Interactive Planetarium For Your iPhone/iPad

Sky Spy

Where is Mercury?

Perhaps you’ve heard that Mercury is visible in the morning sky. So where is it? Tap the search button, select Mercury from the list of planets (or just type the name), and tap Find. Sky Spy brings up clear direction arrows telling you which way to move your iPhone to find Mercury. You can also find any other visible planet, all stars bright enough to see without a telescope, and any of the 88 constellations. When you get there, the object is labeled just as if you had tapped on it.

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