Whole-Body Vibration


Check whole-body vibration exposure with an iPod or iPhone.

Whole-Body Vibration

Whole-body vibration refers to the vibration transmitted to the human body whilst supported by a vibrating surface. The most common exposure occurs through the buttocks when seated in a vehicle. Long term exposure to high amplitude whole-body vibration is strongly associated with the development of back pain and other adverse health effects.

The Whole Body Vibration application (WBV) utilizes the accelerometer within an iPod or iPhone to provide an estimate of vibration amplitude consistent with the method described in ISO2631.1

Share the Data

There are two ways to export data for additional analysis or to share the data with colleagues.

Each individual data set can be emailed. This sends a formatted email, complete with graphics, to show the results of a specific trial.

You can also publish the trials on the local WiFi net, then access them from any browser that has access to your local net. This lets you browse through all of the data, quickly collecting it on a desktop computer.

Analyze Data Instantly

Frequency weighted r.m.s. and VDV values are presented graphically with reference to the health guidance caution zone for exposure of varying durations. You can quickly change the exposure duration to see the effects of longer or shorter durations.

The application has been developed by the consultants at the Byte Works under direction of Robin Burgess-Limerick, Professor of Human Factors in the Minerals Industry Safety and Health Centre at the University of Queensland, Australia. The project was funded by the NSW Coal Services Health and Safety Trust.

User’s Manual

Here is a detailed look at how to use the app to get the most from it, including how to position the iPhone for best results.

Technical Specifications

This is a technical introduction to whole-body vibration, telling you what it is and how to use the information.

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