Write Scientific and Educational Programs on the iPhone/iPad with techBASIC


techBASIC is a comprehensive software development and technical computing environment for programming, data collection, displaying sophisticated interactive graphics and analyzing data. techBASIC is a powerful matrix-rich version of the famously easy to use BASIC programming language. Our built-in help system, reference manual and web-based tutorials make it easy to start using techBASIC for real problems in programming, education and the professional lab right away.

Key Features:

Collect Data

  1. Send and receive data from Bluetooth LE devices (only on hardware that supports Bluetooth LE)--control the Internet of Things right from your iPhone or iPadCollect, analyze and display data right on your iPhone/iPad

  2. Use Bluetooth LE or WiFi to connect to Arduino using the Red Bear Arduino BLE Bridge or Roving Networks WiFly

  3. Collect data from outside sensors using HiJack

  4. Access to the accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope

  5. Get the current location and heading

  6. Analyze photos and images pixel-by-pixel

  7. Supports TCP/IP, HTTP and FTP for accessing information via WiFi connections

Analyze Data

• Numeric integration for calculus

• Fit curves to data with polynomial and linear regression

• Solve simultaneous equations with matrix operations like LU decomposition

• Special functions for statistics

BASIC Programming

  1. Array and matrix commands like matrix inversion, determinants, matrix arithmetic and more.

  2. Step and trace debugger

   •  Set breakpoints with a tap

   •  See current variables, both local and global

   •  See everything in a variable, even large matrices

  1. 43 statements

  2. 41 functions

  3. 35 classes with 362 methods, including GUI, graphics, sensor data collection and matrices

• BASIC is easy to learn and use

• BASIC ranks in the top 5 most popular programming languages in most surveys

Create Stunning GUIs

  1. Use all standard iOS controls

   •  Activity indicators

   •  Buttons

   •  Date pickers

   •  Images

   •  Labels

   •  Map views

   •  Pickers

   •  Progress bars

   •  Segmented controls

   •  Sliders

   •  Steppers

   •  Switches

   •  Tables

   •  Text fields

   •  Text views

   •  Web pages

  1. Add alerts

  2. Send emails

  3. Take photos or grab pictures from the photo library

Graphing Capabilities

  1. Create a plot with only a few lines of code

  2. Pan and zoom plots with swipes and pinches

  3. Rotate 3D plots along an arbitrary axis

  4. Supports 2D or 3D Cartesian axis

  5. Polar, spherical and cylindrical axis

  6. Plot general surfaces

  7. Create error bars in 2 or 3 dimensions

  8. 2D and 3D vector plots

  9. Add custom callouts


  1. Built-in Help System

  2. Quick Start Guide

  3. Reference Manual with dozens of sample programs and images

  4. Tutorials present complete programs you can modify

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