Program in BASIC
Create apps with all of the standard iOS controls
Robust implementation of the powerful, easy to use BASIC language
Array and matrix commands
Create interactive graphs with just a few lines of code
Step and trace debugger
Built-in Help System
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The Best Science and Education Tool for Home, School and Work.

Complete Programming Environment
Write apps with all of the standard iOS controls
Use BASIC, one of the most popular and common languages available today
Students can learn to program in BASIC

Accomplish Serious Scientific Work Easily
Collect and analyze complex data easily and accurately
Perform complex array and matrix calculations
Extensive graphing capabilities
Move data easily to, and from, your desktop computer
“Scientists and hobbyists who want to use their iOS devices as tricorders now have a new tool to help them to bring that dream to life...”
--Steve Sande, TUAW

“Any educator or BASIC language enthusiast with an iPad should check out techBASIC 2.0. It could be the tool that launches the careers of a future programmer who might one day sell a camera app to a social media company for a billion dollars.”
--Mike Riley, Dr. Dobb’s
Visualize 3D
Supports 2D or 3D Cartesian coordinates
Polar, spherical and cylindrical coordinates
Plots functions or arbitrary surfaces
Create error bars in 2 or 3 dimensions
2D and 3D vector plots
Rotate 3D plots along an arbitrary axis
Add custom callouts
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Science & Engineering
Use iPhone/iPad to collect internal and external data
Analyze data with powerful, matrix-rich BASIC compiler
Plot functions or discrete data using customizable 2D and 3D coordinates
Easy to import and export data for scientific work
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Classroom Learning
techBASIC is STEM in Action!
Interactive graphs bring math to life
Collect and analyze data for physics fun and learning
Hook up electronics devices using HiJack
Learn the BASIC programming language
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Watch Visualization VideoClassroom.htmlClassroom.html
 Collect Data
Access any Bluetooth LE device on iPhones/iPads with the proper hardware
Access to accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope
Collect data from outside sensors using Hijack
Supports TCP/IP, FTP and HTTP
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Desktop Computing Power

techBASIC brings the power of a desktop computer to your iPhone/iPad for programming, collecting and analyzing data, and visualizing and manipulating stunning 3D graphics. It’s a full implementation of the famously easy to use BASIC Programming Language with specialized array and matrix commands built in.


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techBASIC App Builder

Check out techBASIC App Builder! Once you finish your app in techBASIC, compile it with techBASIC App Builder to create a stand-alone app. You can share that app with others using Ad Hoc distribution or publish it on Apple’s App Store.

Building iPhone & iPad Electronic Projects

This new book from O’Reilly features techBASIC, showing how to access real-world Arduino, sensor and Bluetooth Low Energy apps in techBASIC. The complete ebook is now available, and the print book is due out around September 24th.

Click the book to go to the O’Reilly web site to get your copy.

January 2013 
Review by Adrian Bridgwater
Building iPhone and iPad Electronic Projects