Engage students in scientific inquiry with techBASIC and an iPhone/iPad in (or out!) of the classroom

Challenge them with problem based learning experiences

  1. techBASIC at the Amusement Park

  2. G forces on the playground

  3. iPhone stunt kite flight

Build scientific and engineering expertise

  1. Learn about electronics with HiJack and techBASIC

  2. Collect data from the built-in sensors on the iPhone/iPad

  3. Study the earth’s magnetic field

  4. See the stars rotate around the sun

  5. Learn BASIC programming

Bring math to life with interactive graphics

  1. Explore 2D and 3D graphs with twist and zoom gestures

  2. Rotate plots along an arbitrary axis

techBASIC is Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) in Action!


Interactive Graphs Bring Math to Life

  1. Rotate 3D plots along and arbitrary axis

  2. Explore 2D and 3D graphs and functions with swipe and pinch gestures

  3. Supports 2D or 3D Cartesian coordinates

  4. Polar, spherical and cylindrical coordinates

  5. 2D and 3D vector plots

  6. Create error bars in 2 or 3 dimensions

  7. Add custom callouts

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Program in BASIC

  1. Robust implementation of the powerful, easy to use BASIC language

  2. Libraries for linear regression, numeric integration, linear regression, statistics, etc.

  3. Use standard iOS controls in your programs

  4. Array and matrix commands

  5. Create interactive graphs with just a few lines of code

  6. Step and trace debugger

  7. Built-in Help System

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Collect Data From a Playground or Amusement Park

  1. Collect real physical data using the sensors built-in to the iPhone/iPad

    •  How fast a merry-go-round spins

    •  What are the G forces on a swing?

    •  Acceleration as the Ferris wheel or roller coaster drops over the top

  1. Hook up electronics devices using HiJack

  2. Access the camera and photos

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The Sky’s the Limit!

There’s so much that can be done with techBASIC, and an iPhone/iPad; we’ve only scratched the surface. Here are a few examples to stimulate your imagination from our ever-growing list of blogs.

Turn an iPhone Into a Metal Detector

Find out how any iPhone or iPad with a magnetometer can be used as a metal detector with a simple techBASIC program here.

Connect Almost Anything to an iPhone with HiJack

Developed at the University of Michigan, HiJack and techBASIC is a perfect combination for learning electronics technology and connecting external sensors. See how here.

Learn About Acceleration and Rotation on a Stunt Kite

Connect an iPhone to a stunt kite, or use the same ideas at the amusement park or playground to collect and analyze rotation and G force data. Get the details and programs here.

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