Opus ][

Opus ][ is almost everything I published for the Apple ][ and Apple IIGS–and it comes with source! You’ll find assemblers, shells and linkers for the Apple ][, and Apple IIGS, Pascal and C compilers, BASIC and Logo interpreters, a spreadsheet, and much more. The entire collection is now available as a digital download or on thumb drive from Juiced.GS, the only remaining print Apple ][ magazine.

Cortland Programmer’s Workshop

The Original Apple IIGS Development Environment

Back when the Apple IIGS was still a dream at Apple Computer, Apple began looking for a development environment to use for the new computer. It would have so much more RAM than the original Apple //e that an entirely different approach was needed. As it happened, ORCA/M for the Apple //e was already in place with a link editor, relocatable object module format, and support for the 65802 processor.

Apple decided to use a 16 bit version of ORCA/M as the standard development environment for the new machine, code named Cortland. On July 21, 1986, the last version of this environment that was still called Cortland Programmer’s Workshop was delivered to Apple for shipment to the developer community. Later versions were called Apple Programmer’s Workshop, or just APW.

Click on the disk image above to get your copy of that original submission to Apple Computer. The download file is a zipped DiskCopy 4.2 image, suitable for use on Apple IIGS emulators like Sweet16.

While the download is free, the software is still copyrighted. It cannot be redistributed in any form, including other web sites, without permission from the Byte Works.


techBASIC has a long history, extending back to the Apple IIGS, where it was implemented as an interpreter. A later version in Java was used as a scripting language in MediaBlender, a multimedia authoring tool for primary school children, and AVERT, a security simulation used to protect our nation’s assets from terrorist attacks.

Click the image to the left to download that original Apple IIGS implementation. You’ll get a PDF of the original manual and disk images of both original disks. These can be copied to 800K physical disks or converted for use in various Apple IIGS emulators.

Physical disks and even the source code are available from Syndicomm.

Learn to Program in GSoft BASIC

Here’s the original Learn to Program course for GSoft BASIC on the Apple IIGS. This self-study course was designed specifically for GSoft BASIC, and assumes no prior programming experience.

Click the image to the left to download a PDF of the course.

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A newspaper morgue is where the newspaper keeps back issues and miscellaneous information. Our morgue serves the same purpose. Here you’ll find information about the older programs published at the Byte Works.

While these are no longer actively sold or maintained, they are still available and some support is still provided. While no new development is expected, you can still ask for help with these programs. Physical disks and even the source code are available from Syndicomm.