Fully Functional Scientific Programming, Right On Your iPad or iPhone

Comprehensive Scientific Development Environment

techBASIC brings the power of a desktop computer to your iPhone/iPad for programming, collecting and analyzing data, and visualizing and manipulating stunning 3D graphics. It’s a robust implementation of the famously easy to use BASIC Programming Language with specialized array and matrix commands.

Accomplish Serious Scientific Work Easily

Scientists and engineers can collect and analyze complex data easily and accurately with techBASIC. The built-in floating-point libraries insure calculations are precise. Special classes make it easy to perform complex array and matrix calculations. The graphing capabilities allow you to display and interact with your data in new and amazing ways. And, data can be moved easily to and from your desktop computer.

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Analyze Data

Powerful BASIC compiler for analyzing data
Array and matrix commands like matrix inversion, determinants, matrix arithmetic, and more
Step and trace debugger
Set breakpoints with a tap
See current variables, both local and global
See everything in a variable, even large matrices
Built-in Help System
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Complete Technical Computing Environment on the iPhone/iPad

It’s like having a mini-MATLAB in my pocket.

Susan Foy, Ph.D.

Display Data

Create a plot with only a few lines of code
Supports 2D or 3D Cartesian axis, polar, spherical and cylindrical axis
Create error bars in 2 or 3 dimensions
Plot 2D and 3D vector fields
Rotate 3D plots along an arbitrary axis
Pan and zoom plots with swipes and pinches
Add custom callouts
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Import/Export Data

Move data files and programs to and from your computer with iTunes
Email programs or console output using the Share button
Export plots at up to 4 mega-pixels using the Share button
Programmatically create custom emails to send text or binary attachments
Easily read and write comma separated values (CSV) for easy import and export to spreadsheets, databases
Collect Data

Collect, analyze and display data right on the iPhone/iPad
Collect external data using
   • Bluetooth Low Energy
   • HiJack
Collect internal data using
   • Accelerometer
   • Magnetometer
   • Gyroscope
Get the current location and heading
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