techBASIC App Builder

Write your apps in techBASIC on your iPad or iPhone. That’s where you use them, and that’s where you write them!

techBASIC makes it easy to write apps with interactive graphics, apps that connect to Bluetooth LE and other sensors, and apps that easily do complex math. Just of few lines of techBASIC code often replace what would take several classes in Objective C!

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Apps for people who think.™

Move your program to your Macintosh and use techBASIC App Builder and Xcode to compile it for distribution, just like any other app.

You can tweak your app, run it in Xcode’s iPhone simulator, or even write apps from scratch in techBASIC App Builder right from your Macintosh.

As with any app, you need to join Apple’s Developer program to compile apps for any iOS device.

You can sell your app on the App Store, distribute it using Ad Hoc distribution, or just move it to your own iPhone or iPad. You don’t need techBASIC to run the compiled app--it works just like any other app.

Drop us a note. We’re always happy to answer your questions, before or after you buy.

Compile apps written in techBASIC and submit them to the App Store!




techBASIC App Builder Reference Manual

Download the reference manual by clicking the image to the left. This gives you all the details about every feature of techBASIC App Builder.

Find out how easy it will be to move your techBASIC apps to the App Store!

See this page for the techBASIC documentation.


Get techBASIC App Builder

techBASIC App Builder is free for anyone who owns a copy of techBASIC for iOS. Mail a copy of your techBASIC About Page from your iOS device to to receive download instructions.

Need techBASIC?

You will want to have a copy of techBASIC for your iPhone or iPad. Get your copy on the App Store.



Download instructions will be sent to you by email in about one business day.

January 2013 
Review by Adrian Bridgwater