About the Byte Works

The Byte Works was founded to create development tools and utilities of all kinds. From our first award-winning product, a macro assembler called ORCA/M for the 8-bit Apple ][, to our most recent, an iOS application for collecting, manipulating and displaying numeric information, the Byte Works has a long history of creating the tools you need.

One of our founding principles is not to abandon our past. You will find links to all of our products here, even to the original assembler! This should let you know you can count on continued support when you select a program created at the Byte Works.

Email: support@byteworks.us

Apps for People Who Think™

Apps for people who think.™

techBASIC - Scientific and educational programming on iPhone/iPad

techBASIC is the app that brings the power of a desktop computer to your iPhone/iPad for programming, collecting and analyzing data, and visualizing and manipulating stunning 3D graphics.

*    Access external and internal sensors including Bluetooth LE--Control the TI SensorTag, RedBear Arduino Shield and more

*    Array and matrix commands

*    Interactive graphics

  1. *   Step and trace debugger

  2. *   Built-in help system

*    BASIC programming language

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Sky Spy - Interactive planetarium for the iPhone/iPad

Sky Spy brings the night sky to life, using augmented reality to view and identify objects in the sky.

*    See all constellations, visible stars and planets (and Pluto, too)

*    Identify objects in the sky

*    Direction finder

*    Can work without a compass

  1. *   Customize your view

  2. *   View the sky underneath the horizon

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Calculator - Six calculators in one!

Calculator gives you the computing power of SIX different calculators in ONE app!

*    Scientific calculator with trig

*    Length and temperature conversions

*    Area conversions

*    Volume conversions

  1. *   Speed conversions

  2. *   Logic calculator (programmer’s calculator)

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Morgue - See the archives for some of our golden oldies

*    GSoft BASIC

*    Links to our Apple II and Apple IIGS programs

*    Cortland Programmer’s Workshop

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techBASIC App Builder - Write in techBASIC, Compile on the Mac, Sell on the App Store

techBASIC App Builder lets you write apps on your iPhone or iPad in techBASIC, compile the using techBASIC App Builder on your Macintosh, and submit them to the App Store!

*    Write your app in the easy-to-use BASIC programming language--no Objective C necessary!

*    Connect to internal and external sensors using techBASIC’s built-in commands

*    Create programs with stunning interactive graphics

  1. *   Submit your apps for sale on the App Store

  2. *   Create stand-alone apps for Ad Hoc distribution

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Make: High-Power Rockets

Construction and Certification for Thousands of Feet and Beyond

Make: Rockets is a new book from Maker Media written from the author of Make: Rockets. This book shows you how to build and fly high-power rockets that use H motors and larger. You’ll get your high-power rocketry certifications as you learn how to design, build, and fly rockets ranging from a modest 4 foot tall rocket that flies a few thousand feet high to a 7 foot tall fiberglass rocket that can creak 13,000 feet and easily break the sound barrier on a small M motor.

Click on the cover or Learn More to visit the downloads page, which also has links to a short movie about the book and online stores where you can buy a copy.

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Make: Rockets

Down-to-Earth Rocket Science

Make: Rockets is a book from Maker Media written by the author of techBASIC. For beginners to advanced rocketeers, this book shows you how to build and fly model rockets through 40 Ns of power, water rockets, and air rockets. You also learn to build launchers and trackers. If you are interested, you can also dig into the science and engineering behind rocketry with clear and useful explanations of drag, rocket stability, ignition electronics and other topics.

While the book is about rockets, not techBASIC, the author did slip in a few techBASIC programs!

Click on the cover or Learn More to visit the downloads page, which also has links to a short movie about the book and online stores where you can buy a copy.

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SensorTag - Controlling Bluetooth low energy with techBASIC

SensorTag lets you access the six sensors built-in to the Texas Instruments SensorTag from a graphical interface. Source code to the App is on our web site so you can easily our program to write your own apps to access the Internet of Things.

  1.   Displays oscilloscope-like plots for the 

  2.         Accelerometer

  3.         Magnetometer

  4.         Gyroscope

  5.   Natural looking thermometer readings for the

  6.         Dual mode thermometer

  7.         Humidity Sensor

  8.         Barometer

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WBV - Track whole-body vibration exposure

Long term exposure to some kinds of vibration are associated with back pain and other disorders. WBV lets you track your body’s exposure to vibration using an iPhone or iPad.

*    Free App!

*    Implements the methodology from ISO2631.1

*    See results instantly, right on your iPhone or iPod

*    Share the data through email or export the data to your local browser

  1. *   Adjust the exposure duration to see when it becomes a concern

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